How to host a Pearlcore Wedding

If you're a bride-to-be, you may have heard about the Pearlcore trend sweeping weddings. We've put together a must-have guide for throwing your own Pearlcore wedding!

What is Pearlcore?

Pearlcore is a modern take on pearls. Pearlcore takes pearls from preppy to extravagant, romantic and unexpected. It even inspired our name!

What does that mean for your wedding? It means a range of possibilities to add a touch of elegance, whimsy, and glamour. Maybe you go all out with Pearlcore accessories, from hairpins to earrings. Or, perhaps you choose a wedding gown with pearl detailing. You could also add pearl accents to your home decor, cake and even invitations. The options are endless, so let your imagination run wild!

Essential Pearl Elements

Pearl Accent for the bride

The bride is at the heart of a Pearlcore themed wedding. While pearls may traditionally be seen as a more classic and demure look, the bride can take pearls in a new direction by wearing a pearl beaded dress, a pearl veil, or statement pearl earrings.

Pearl Statement for the Bridal Party

For the bridal party, a statement ring, earring, or hair accessory that intertwines pearl will work cohesively with the bride's pearl look.

Sugar Pearls at the Dessert Table

And of course, a true Pearlcore wedding must have sugar pearls! Adorning the cake, lining sandwich cookies, even sprinkled on the table is key to landing the pearlcore look.

More Pops of Pearl to Sprinkle on your Wedding Day

Pearl in the flowers

Another way to add more pops of pearl to your wedding day is to incorporate them into your flowers. You can add pearls to the flower vases, or wrap bouquets with pearl strands, or have little pearl accents poking out of the centerpiece.

Pearl Shoes

We love pearl dotted veils, but we're obsessed with pearl dotted shoes! If you're looking for a subtler way to include pearls, try opting for pearl-dotted shoes.

Pearlescent Nails

And for your nails? Why not try a polish with an iridescent finish to capture that colorful glimmer of pearl?

Inspired Pearlcore Bridal Party Gifts

A pearlcore-themed wedding is the perfect excuse to gift your bridal party with pearls.

Classic Pearl

We love this pearl pendant for a classic gift they can wear everyday, or these pearl studs.

Statement Pearl

If you're going for a statement piece, go bold with this oversized pearl ring, or these pearl earrings.

Whimsy Pearl

And for a touch of whimsy, go fun with these sunglasses or this pearl claw clip. No matter which you choose, your bridal party will love these lasting and modern accessories.

More Pearlcore Inspiration

If you're looking for more Pearlcore Wedding inspiration, be sure to check out our Pinterest board! We've gathered all our favorite ideas in one place, from centerpieces to invitations. Our collection of chic, modern and affordable accessories will help you pull off the Pearlcore wedding of your dreams.

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