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6 Bridesmaid Gifts that Will Make Your Day Special

You don't ask your friends to become your bridesmaid lightly. It is a big responsibility, and very meaningful to include them in your wedding. You want your bridesmaid gifts to reflect all of that in one thoughtful package.

You don't ask your friends to become your bridesmaid lightly. It is a big responsibility, and very meaningful to include them in your wedding. You want your bridesmaid gifts to reflect all of that in one thoughtful package.

In this article, we'll share some different types of bridesmaid gifts, like personalized items, experiences, creative splurges and some budget-friendly picks. We hope this article inspires you to find the perfect bridesmaid gifts for your girls!

A meaningful memento

A meaningful memento is one of the best bridesmaid gifts because to make them feel special on your big day. 

This is where we'd file options like matching jewelry, personalized necklaces, signature perfume -- something that will forever remind your bridesmaids of you and your wedding and their role in your life and ceremony!

Our Zodiac Gemstone Pendant Necklace is a fan favorite -- a beautiful medallion highlighting both their sun sign and their birthstone. For a similar sentiment with a different look, our Zodiac Silver Small Pendant is perfect. Or, gift a personalized initial necklace like our Gold Letter Necklace or Opal Pendant, the perfect piece they can wear every day and think of you!

An experience you can enjoy together

Weddings are full of experiences, but are generally for large groups, making it hard to get the much desired one on one time with your closest friends. 

One of the best bridesmaids gifts we can think of is to gift an experience, post wedding, for just you and them. Personalize it to her interests, like a shopping day, a hike, a night out, a concert or a day trip.

We highly recommend planning post-wedding, to allow all the wedding obligations and craziness to die down -- plus it gives you both something to look forward to! You can buy a card, write out your gratitude and thanks, and include a description of the gift. Or, get crafty and whip up a ticket or some other physical signifier of your special gift.

Bridesmaid gifts to splurge on

It may be tempting to cut bridesmaid gifts from the budget, but if you consider how much money and effort your girls have made to be a part of your wedding, they truly do deserve something special! 

If you want to go the extra mile, treat your girls to a spa day, a wedding advent calendar, treat as much of the experience as you're able.

spa day

A spa day for all the ladies with massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, blowouts...anything to pamper and relax. Mix and match the treatments in accordance with your budget and their interest level. You can plan a group spa day before the wedding to prepare, or the day after the wedding to decompress. You can even make a spa day plan that they can redeem on their own, sometime in the future, to have a truly singular experience (and may be easier to schedule for out of town guests!).

Wedding Advent Calendar

You can purchase this pre-made on Etsy (make sure to tell them it's for a bridesmaid, not a bride!), or craft your own. Unlike Christmas, you won't be bound by any number of days, or even have to follow days at all! Gift one thing a week for 6 weeks, or one thing a day for all 3 days of your wedding weekend. 

Gifts can be as big or a small as you like, from a bouquet of flowers to a journal or a personalized book recommendation, to a piece of heirloom-quality jewelry. This is the perfect excuse to get really creative in treating your bridesmaids!

Treat what you can

One of the best bridesmaids gifts of all time is the gift of not having to spend so much on someone else's wedding. Weddings can be an incredibly expensive time for bridesmaids, and the more you can support your girls with the financial burden, the better. 

Pay for hair, makeup, their dress, their shoes, their jewelry. Host your bachelorette completely, especially if it's an out of town trip. Pay for their accommodation if they're traveling from out of town, or their uber rides to and from the venue. 

Only you know your budget, so look at how much you can afford to cover so that they can feel unburdened and able to focus on you!

Bridesmaid gifts on a budget

We know your inability to splurge on your bridesmaids gifts does not mean you care about them any less -- and just because you can't afford a big gesture doesn't mean you can't gift something special!

A quick search for "bridesmaids gifts" on Etsy yields a ton of great options for under $50, like custom cups, makeup bags, wine openers. We'd recommend staying away from the kitschy "bridesmaid" type merchandise that can really only be worn once, and go instead for products that will last, feeling more expensive than they are.

And don't discount the personal -- a simple handwritten letter or homemade treats can go a long way in showing someone that you care.

Our favorite items under $50

Wrapping up: With love

The most important part of great bridesmaid gifts is that they are given with love. No matter what you give, your bridesmaids are sure to feel appreciated and thankful to be with you on your special day.

And consider this: the way you wrap your bridesmaid gifts could be just as important as the gift itself. You want it to be special, meaningful and unique, get creative with a beautiful box, or even buy a cheap scarf to use instead of wrapping paper. Whatever you choose, make sure it is done with love!