Call for Contributors!

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Are you getting married in 2022-2023? Would you like your bridal jewelry for free?

We're offering gift cards to our shop in exchange for your photos, stories, advice -- anything you want to share that fits our CALM Bride ethos.

What we're looking for:

Blog posts & articles on modern wedding advice -- Are you planning a wedding (or have you recently gotten married) and have a novel approach to saving money, or putting a unique spin on a trend? Do you have the kind of advice or perspective that's missing from the big wedding blogs?

It's okay if you're not a writer by nature, or it needs a little polishing -- we'll work with you.

Preference will be given to recent and soon-to-be brides, but we also welcome interesting ideas from wedding vendors or other creatives!

Wedding diaries -- take us inside the real experience of planning your wedding. How did you find your dress, or how did you plan your budget? We want to get into the nitty gritty to help other brides.

Photo stories -- If you want to wear our products at your wedding, we'd love to showcase your photos on our site! Your wedding photos would be amazing, but check with your photographer first (or put them in touch) to make sure we have the rights. We'll also accept personal photos, selfies, photobooth photos -- if the product is visible, we'd love to share it.


In exchange for any of the above, we'll cover your Pearlcore bridal jewelry, from earrings to necklace to rings. Pick out what you'd like, and it's yours.

For vendors or anyone with an audience, we may invite you into our Affiliate Program, where you can earn commission on referral sales.

If you'd like to contribute regularly, we are open to independent contractor relationships and would be happy to further discuss monetary compensation.

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